A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Style. Luxury. Gorgeous. How do you want your event to be organised? Out of this world? Yes, and with a personal touch, right? That’s what we do as we are in love with our passion. At Eventou, we don’t call it work but passion, because that’s how we feel.
There are plenty of event planning companies in West Midland UK, like any other city. But you will seldom find a luxury decoration company with such an appetite for perfection, commitment, and a zeal to add a distinct touch to every event that makes people only speak about it.
So, be it weddings, corporate events, private parties or theme parties, get ready to be wowed because that what we have been doing for all these years.
All this has been made possible due to the indomitable spirit of Mrs. Dalal. She is the driving force behind Eventou with her passion for decoration and bringing perfection in her work. All through her life, she has been traveling extensively which has exposed her to different cultures. Being in countries as varied as Dubai, Rome, Paris, Istanbul, and London has helped her to imbibe the cultures and traditions of these countries and also learn about different decorating styles.
Being a mother of two little angels have taught her to value emotions and time and she brings all these advantages to make Eventou outstanding.
So, when you contact us, get ready to feel special and rest assured your event will be the most perfect in all aspects.

Eventou Team